‘My baby’s name contains a hidden surprise – but my family say it’s ridiculous’

A soon-to-be mum is furious after she picked a name for her child that hides a “surprise” once you know it – but her family have labelled it “ridiculous”.

She is currently pregnant with her and her husband’s first child, and the pair recently found out they are expecting a baby girl.

When the couple began to discuss baby names, she says her partner was very indecisive and left the decision to her, saying she could pick “whatever name she wanted, as long as it wasn’t something stupid”.

After she had chosen, her husband had a video call with his sister to reveal his wife had finalised the baby name, telling her they were planning to name their daughter Sunny.

The mum said the first name is “normal enough so she won’t be made fun of”, but the problem started when she revealed that it combines with her middle name, which she had chosen to be Disposition.

She said: “My sister-in-law started making fun of the name, and said that Sunny Disposition was ridiculous.

“At this point, I joined my husband and explained that we wouldn’t call our daughter by her full name all the time, and to most people, her name would just be Sunny, but then she would have an Easter-egg type name, where if you know the full thing it’s like a surprise.”

The expectant mum, originally from China and now living in Canada, added: “She started asking my husband what he thought of the name, and he said he thought it was fine.

“She then started telling me that she was sorry for making fun, and it must be a cultural difference, and that in China names have meanings like that, but in English names like that are weird.”

The woman furiously accused her sister-in-law of being racist and the call was ended before the argument could become any worse.

Her husband is trying to act a peace-maker, and asked both women to apologise to one another, but his wife argued she had done nothing wrong.

After asking if she had overreacted on Reddit, one commented to say: “Isn’t that a legitimate cultural difference? Because while I respect your choice, and I think it’s cute, I don’t think your SIL was wrong to point out it is not a normal thing to do in English speaking cultures.”

A second simply said: “Don’t give your child this absolutely awful middle name. Please. It’s horrendous.”

Someone else wrote: “I don’t think it’s a fantastic choice either, but just like your SIL, it’s not really our business.”

And some defended her, writing: “Parents to be: stop telling people what you’re gonna name your future kids. The world is a melting pot and we’re gonna come across many names for many different reasons.

“If you make fun of their name or ostracise them because of their name then, YOU’RE THE PROBLEM! If your kid is bullying someone because of their name, then again THEY’RE THE PROBLEM.”