Worst Elf on the Shelf pranks as some parents are accused of taking it ‘too far’

Lots of families have started moving around Santa’s little helper today as we are finally in December.

For those not in the know, Elf on the Shelf is a relatively new Christmas tradition beloved by parents of small children.

Designed to encourage good behaviour, the elf moves around the house each day and reports back to the North Pole each night whether people have been naughty or nice.

But some parents have been accused of taking it too far while monitoring their kids through the medium of Elf on the Shelf.

We’ve created a roundup of some of the worst ways that parents misused the watchful fellow in previous years.

Enjoy! (But don’t get any ideas…)

Ho ho NO, this won’t boost the festive cheer in your house.

Shannon Renee shared the photo on Facebook – leaving people chilled to the bone. Ahem.

The leftover chicken wing bones were arranged to look like the “elf’s body” on a plate, topped off with a mini Santa hat.

The menacing presence of the knife and fork suggest Santa’s little helper has come to an unfortunate end.

Shannon egged on parents to try out the prank, adding in the caption: “Someone please do this and record the kids when they find it.”

Her post went viral as many people were left in stitches by the post.

But others weren’t on board, with one person commenting: “Poor Elf! Don’t let the kids see that.”

Shaved hair prank

A mischievous mum took the game to the next level by shaving the word ‘elf’ into the back of her son’s head.

Amanda Johns, of Swansea, Wales, enlisted son Iestyn, then 16, to help trick her youngest daughter Tegan.

The mum-of-three asked him to skip his weekly barbers’ appointment in order to pull off the prank.

While he pretended to sleep, the mum carefully shaved the letters ‘ELF’ into the back of his hair, before putting the clippers by the elf for Tegan to discover in the morning.

The business owner said: “They thought I had actually shaved his hair in his sleep, but I am not that cruel.

“He is the best big brother and will do anything to make his little sister smile -she looks forward to the Elf’s antics every morning.”

Christmas is cancelled
One plucky mum carried out the threat of cancelling Christmas after her children kept misbehaving.

In a particularly g̶e̶n̶i̶u̶s̶ evil move, she got the Elf on the Shelf to inform them of the bad news, leaving parents very divided.

In a photo the mum sent to ABC Brisbane, Elsie the elf delivered a note to the badly behaved duo.


“IF you want me to keep visiting, a Santa visit and your tree and presents back your behaviour needs to improve.

“Santa is very angry and I am disappointed. Be good and say sorry to mum.”

The note ended with the panic-inducing words, “I am watching.”

While lots of parents applauded the mum’s method of madness, others weren’t so happy.

One person blasted: “Just wondering how you all blackmail your kids for the rest of the year?”

Exxxplicit Elf on the Shelf
Not content with simply shoving Simon the Elf on a high-up shelf to watch over their offspring, some parents decided to add adult activities into the mix.

While other elves simply sit on a bookshelf, or pop up in a kitchen cupboard, others were apparently misbehaving big time.

That isn’t how Santa’s little helper spends his time and we think those naughty parents know it.

If you do engage in these sort of japes with your child this December, consider putting a bit of the Christmas cash to the side for therapy in the future.

Charred elf remains

One mum accidentally killed an elf by throwing it in the oven.

It’s definitely not one of the places endorsed by other parents to hide the festive assistants.

Mum Brittany Mease, who has a son and daughter, accidentally burnt the festive helper to a crisp after “forgetting” it was in there.

The US Army veteran said she chucked the cuddly assistant in there after her children complained he hadn’t moved in a while, so she could deal with it later.

But – you can see where this is going – she forgot the elf was in there.


In a viral Facebook post, the mum explained the havoc she accidentally caused.

She wrote: “I preheated the oven and started cleaning the kitchen. About 4 minutes later I started to smell something REALLY funky and that’s when all hell broke loose and I broke my son’s heart.”

Brittany said she didn’t mince her words when she realised her error and yelled, “what the f! The elf! The f*** elf is in the oven!”

Luckily a replacement elf saved the day in the Mease household.