Tyreek Hill didn’t know he caught a TD pass, so Chiefs didn’t challenge

When is a touchdown not a touchdown? When the receiver doesn’t know he caught it, and thus, the coach doesn’t know to challenge it.

Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill made a spectacular catch for what should have been a 40-yard touchdown. Hill bobbled the pass from Patrick Mahomes as Broncos cornerback A.J. Bouye tackled him to the ground. The ball fell into Hill’s chest and he clutched it as the ball went toward the ground.

In real time, it appeared the ball hit the ground and officials quickly ruled it incomplete.

The way Hill reacted, he even thought it was incomplete.

The Chiefs punted before replay at the stadium showed Hill actually caught the ball.

Andy Reid was shown asking Hill why he didn’t tell the coach he caught the ball, and Hill looked up at the replay board to see it. Hill obviously had no idea.

Instead of leading 10-3, the Chiefs punted with the game tied 3-3 and the Broncos went 90 yards for a go-ahead touchdown. Tim Patrick scored on a 5-yard pass from Drew Lock, giving Denver a 10-3 lead.