Woman buys her man paint by numbers portrait for Xmas – but it goes very wrong

A woman who bought a paint by numbers portrait as a gift for her boyfriend has left people in hysterics after she revealed the results.

Jasmine Skinner, from Newcastle, purchased the painting as a creative Christmas present for her man.

After deciding on one of her favourite photos of him, one that she took of him while the couple were on holiday together, she purchased the portrait and was excited to get started.

But once it arrived and she began painting, she couldn’t help but laugh at how it was turning out.

Jasmine shared the side by side pictures of her boyfriend and her attempt at painting him on Twitter, and it had people saying he resembled Simon Cowell.

She wrote: “Actually p***ing that I was trying to be cute and get me lad a paint the number photo for Christmas and this is how it came out ahahahahahaha merry Christmas darlin Xxx”.

It was quite the kick in the teeth for Jasmine as she said the thoughtful gift would likely be heading for the bin rather than in a frame in his room like she’d planned.

His face was distorted, and his facial features had completely disappeared, making it look nothing like him at all.

She then tweeted: “Why have they made his skin so dark!”

Since being shared on Twitter, her post has received more than 36,800 likes with dozens of comments from viewers, some of which compared the painting to an X-Factor judge.

One said: “Screaming, look at his chin.”

Another wrote: “You should’ve known from the lips alone that the template weren’t the one.”

“I’m howling,” wrote a third.

While another person said: “I can only see Simon Cowell and his pearly whites in the pic.”

Others urged her to give the gift to him anyway on Christmas Day – and pretend that she actually loved how it turned out.