Double-digit comebacks continue at record pace

Through 12 weeks, the NFL saw a record 35 double-digit comebacks. Through 13 weeks (even with three games left), the NFL continues on its record pace.

The Lions wiped out a 10-point deficit in Chicago, and the Vikings came back from 10 behind at home against the Jaguars.

That’s 37 double-digit comebacks and counting, and there’s a good chance that the absence of fans has helped fuel these comebacks. For road teams, the sound isn’t an issue for the team that’s trailing and/or trying to erase a deficit. For home teams, the inherent uneasiness (and at times overt booing) doesn’t create a sense of the walls caving in for a favorite that can’t get things right.

As the stadiums remain empty or largely that way, more double-digit comebacks could happen — all the way into the postseason.